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Communities for a Better Environment to achieve environmental health and justice by building grassroots power.


The Infrastructure Academy
North East Trees Youth Environmental Stewards Program!

The academy is exciting and inspiring one-year after-school program that provide hands-on real life experience, field trips, career preparation, and job placement opportunities for rewarding careers in industries that provide water, energy, and infrastructure in our communities, such as the LA Department of Water and Power. Their mission is to build a pipeline of diverse, well-qualified young for the career opportunities of the green economy.

Be sure to check out the special section on apprenticeship programson this page.Apprenticeships are a great chance to learn on the job while you train for lots of different careers. They include a salary and benefits, and after finishing the program you can be certain to get a well-paid job and use all the skills you learned.



Clerical, Banking & Finance

Banking, accounting, entrepreneurship, computer applications, retail merchandising, office occupations Training Institutions: APC, Community College Certificate Programs, Job Corps, L.A. Urban League, Adult Education and Career Centers, ROP, SCROC, TRM, YMCA. Job skills and career development opportunities are offered in many different places, such as labor unions, community colleges, occupational centers, and private nonprofit, city, county, state, and federal agencies. Some programs can include travel, and even free food and housing!

Inner-City Filmmakers

ICF has been guided by its founding goal of providing free year-round professional, technical and business skills training and paid work opportunities to low-income inner city students where they can gain knowledge, perfect skills and develop their potential to the fullest extent. Inner-City Filmmakers selects graduating seniors from high schools and social service agencies throughout Southern California. These diverse inner city students are bright, creative, resilient, hardworking, dependable and financially needy. Learning teamwork, developing leadership skills and having a sense of accomplishment provides a solid foundation for students' future success. Over 72% of ICF graduates have continued on to higher education often with scholarships to NYU, UCLA, UCSB, USC, and UC Berkeley, while continuing to be involved with the ICF Program.

North East Trees

This program provides ongoing training and employment for youth, using urban forestry (tree planting and park construction projects) as the vehicle for skill training, teamwork and personal responsibility. Youth in this program learn about the environment, develop employment skills, contribute to their communities and earn a paycheck. Our mission is to connect people to our natural lands and waterways by designing and building environmentally sustainable open space projects, and through education and conservation planning. NET is dedicated to designing, constructing, preserving, protecting and restoring green space in the Los Angeles urban region and surrounding communities.

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